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About Me



I am an artist and illustrator with a BFA from Parsons School of Design.

Ever since I was little girl with my favorite box of crayons I loved to draw and paint, and I always knew I was an artist!

Before moving with my family to Miami, I was an Art Director for film production in New York City. I love to arrange objects, furniture and clothing to tell a story. Many of these passions continuously appear in my artwork. 


Leaving the cold winter for a more tropical lifestyle allowed me the freedom to start my own business, and I created a graphics company called Baby Dot Com and We distribute our vintage inspired pieces and stationery to stores worldwide.

My drawings and illustrations are influenced by my love of vintage, but also include a love of nature, fashion, history and contemporary lifestyles. I like to work digitally and I also use paints and colored pencils, and I often combine the two.

*Fun Facts about me: You can often find me in my favorite thrift store, I draw something everyday, I love the beach, I love rainy days outside on my porch, and I love to that order!

Clients include Harper Collins UK, Papyrus, Airbnb, Rae Wellness, 

Spacey Studios, Goya Media, Macleans Magazine, AWW Magazine,

Ordinary Habit, Designers Today Magazine,  Edible Hudson,

Edible Westchester, Edible Marin County, Edible Nashville, Edible South Florida,

Edible New York City, MilkX Hong Kong, House of Lars, Trollback Digital.

Prints and greeting cards available at

Please contact me to inquire about commissions, custom projects,

freelance illustrations and collaborations at

I'll look forward to hearing from you! 


Cover South Florida


Edibles Magazine

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg

 Canadian Nurse Day

Art_Studio SS.jpg

Spacey Studios


Upper Case Magazine

 My Early Art

RW Bedroom.jpg

Rae Wellness

Umbrella_Marriage 2.jpg
Umbrella Bookmark My Words.jpg

House of Lars

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 12.14.58

Food Regions of India

Brown_Photographer Proof.jpg


Thank_You_Heart_Pinkish_Neutral B&W.jpg


Edible Hudson and Edible Westchester Magazines

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